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Donating School Supplies 


School is one of the most important experiences a child goes through. Our next-generation children will be the world's future leaders, so it is our responsibility to offer proper education.  


You are donating for your future.

1. The money goes towards school supplies such as pencils, notebooks, erasers, scissors, glue, etc.

2. These supplies enable kids to participate in all school projects, assignments, and homework without the burden of lacking basic materials.

3. Your generous donation allows them to experience an entirely new educational experience that they deserve​

We are fundraising to help underprivileged school kids.

1. Donating alleviates the financial pressure off of students and helps students grasp concepts.

2. It gives students the ability to learn because they have the necessary materials that help them follow the lessons given to them.

3. Only $20 can provide school supplies and change a foster kid's world. Regardless of donation or not, thank you for spending time on our page!

Donations provide school supplies that can allow a child to prosper.

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