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Meet The Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

"Alone we can do so little
together we can do so much."

Sandeep is a College student committed towards helping the foster youth. He has many years of volunteer service and experience.

Dr. Saxena is a well accomplished physician, and in her free time she serves foster kids. 

Bobby has worked internationally with kids and has helped restore emotional and mental health of many exploited youth.

Aryan is a Highschool senior who is apart of the California Scholarship Federation, Social Justice Leadership, and National Honors Society. 

She is very passionate about helping foster youth. During her time served as a practical doctor, she has picked up many practical skills and knowledge.

Dr Phan is a multitalented individual who runs many businesses, but she finds time to serve her community.

Janice has great experience in contributing to organizations and is a great help towards her local neighborhoods.

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